What the WordPress 4.8 Comes with – and What it Does Not!

The all new WordPress 4.8 has been released officially. Naturally, it is a lot different from its earlier versions and offers more features too. Let us have a quick look at what the features are that make WordPress 4.8 unique.

Caution: Before trying out the 4.8 version of WordPress, you should keep in mind that because this is a purely WordPress release, therefore you may not be given the privilege of the automatic update unless your site is operated on a managed WordPress hosting service. In that case, you must initiate the update yourself. In addition, make it a point to keep a complete backup of all the features of your WordPress site before initiating the update.

Main Features of the Brand New WordPress 4.8:

There are a number of new features in the WordPress 4.8, which makes the platform more user-friendly. Here is a list of all of them:

1. Image Widget:
Image Widget WordPress 4.8

In the earlier versions of WordPress, the user had to make use of a plugin to upload an image, or had to create a fresh HTML code. The new WordPress 4.8 enables its users to upload an image file directly. Remember, it is very important to insert proper alt tags to go with the images too, as this is an imperative part of SEO. Also, after you click on the ‘Add to Widget’ button, you can also preview the image selected. Save your settings before you opt out.

2. Video Widget:
Video Widget WordPress 4.8

Similar to the image widget, WordPress 4.8 also offers users to upload a video directly from their system without using any code whatsoever. Just drag the file and drop into the space allotted.

Note: It is generally recommended that you should not ever upload a video directly on your WordPress site. Instead, click ‘Add Video’ when the media uploader shows. The best recommendations for uploading a video are from Vimeo, YouTube or other similarly popular video sites where you can set up your own account. Choose the ‘Insert from URL’ option and insert the video URL. WordPress will pull the video’s thumbnail and show it on your web page.

3. Audio Widget:
Audio Widget WordPress 4.8

Along with the video and image widget, you can also upload audio clips to your web page with the audio widget. Just click on the upload button to upload your audio clip and press ‘Save’.

4. Better Visual Text Editor:
Text Editor WordPress 4.8

As compared to the earlier versions of WordPress, the visual text editor is much better and more user-friendly in the WordPress 4.8. The visual text editor has all the TinyMCE features incorporated in it and therefore it has become all easier to place your text in the format you want to. The visual text editor also makes it easier for users to navigate among links in a comprehensible manner. In addition to this, you can also create hyperlinks. When you click on the hyperlinked text, an elongated space comes up, where you can type your desired words and they get automatically hyperlinked.

5. Meetup and WordCamp News:
WordCamp News WordPress 4.8

The former versions of WordPress used to display only news on the dashboard. However, the new WordPress has come up with a Meetup feature that also allows users to participate in certain WordPress activities by typing their desired city name. This is a great way for users to stay in touch with the other fellow WordPress users. This way they also can keep themselves informed about the latest best practices in WordPress. WordPress also will be able to collect feedbacks and suggestions from the community and utilize them in improvising their services.

6. Better accessibility to the admin panel:
Asmin Panel WordPress 4.8

You can now easily insert header texts. Although WordPress has been improvising upon their header styling since its 4.3 version, the 4.8 is way better as it has all header styles sorted out and users can easily differentiate between the different headers. This is one of the great steps taken to boost your SEO.

Features absent in the WordPress 4.8:

Along with the new features offered in the WordPress 4.8, there are some features which have been removed. Some of them are:

1. Video Support:
Video Support WordPress 4.8

WordPress now aims to be compatible with the best practices of web and open web and it will be independent of Microsoft SilverLight. Therefore, WMA and WMV video files will not be supported in the new version. This is because most of the searching browsers do not support Windows SilverLight. As a result, WMA and WMV will be available through links.

2. Gutenberg Editor:
Install Gutenberg WordPress Plugin

The Gutenberg Editor is expected to be upgraded in the next 4.9 version of WordPress. This has a number of benefits. Content management and editing will become easier. This clearly gives an indication that more improvisations and advantageous features are yet to come in the newer versions of WordPress.

The WordPress 4.8 is surely a great upgrade for WordPress web designers & developers as well as users. Install now!


The all new WordPress version 4.8 is here! Now all the latest features that this upgraded version offers. In addition, you will also get to know the features that have been removed from the version and the ones that are yet to come.